Our Services


We are always looking for new communities that are seeking another educational choice in their neighborhood. We bring our expertise in starting high-quality educational programs to local leaders to help develop an exceptional school from the ground up.

How to begin: Starting your charter school

  • 1 Charter Application Development
  • 2 Budget Development
  • 3 Board Development Support
  • 4 Community Engagement Support

School launching: planning and development

  • 1 Assist with Hiring of the School’s Principal
  • 2 Implementation of Curriculum and School Design
  • 3 Marketing and Recruitment of Students
  • 4 Purchasing

On-going support: Operation and management services

  • 1 On-going Professional Development
  • 2 Curriculum Support
  • 3 Operational Support
  • 4 Strategic Planning

Key Educational Group seeks parents and community leaders across the nation to establish a local charter school in their community.

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